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Achievement Beyond Beauty Interview with Agnieszka Kowacz Miss Multiverse Poland 2017

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What makes you a power woman?

I believe in myself, it is very important.

My mother taught me that she always told me to be a worthy man.

She took care of my education and she always supported me in life.

What is your greatest strength and how did it help you to become one of the competitions world finalists today?

My greatest strength is the work I put into every task I undertake.

Without it there is no success, nothing comes easy.

You have to prepare and implement exactly your plan, as in chess.

Of course you can be lucky as someone invited me here and I was in the finals.

But it was preceded by hard work and satisfaction that I do what I love

What is your idea of happiness and success?

My idea of happiness and success is to never give up in life.

If I take on any challenge, I’m striving to bring everything to the goal. Happiness and success stand on the mountain, and people only strive for it, not knowing where the boundary is.

You have to enjoy the small and great achievements. But you can never give up.

This taught me chess..

What is your secret to stay healthy and beautiful?

My motto is to be healthy and beautiful, to live according to nature.

Do not succumb to the temptations of this world, which offers various strange things.

I get healthy, I do not lose weight at all costs, I sleep, I work, I live normally.

I love family, I like people.

I do not have anything bad that could smash my smile on my face.

What should every woman try at least once in her life?

Every woman should become a mother at least once in her life.

I know from my mom that it’s a beautiful feeling. It should be prepared to pass on to the next generations the values that are important in this world.

I still have time for it, but I know I will be good for children like my mom for me.

How do you handle stressful situations?

Stressful situations happen everywhere and everyone. This is normal.

You have to learn distance to the world and yourself.

I’m fine with myself and others. So with such situations, I will deal normally.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

The best advice I got was advice from my mother. She once said that life is full of trials and challenges. She gave the example of Leonardo di Caprio, who before taking an important role took part in several dozen casters.

This meant that one should not give up because patience is a virtue and dreams come true.

If you win the crown, what message would you spread and the goals you´d have for your year of reign?

If I win a crown, I want to convey to everyone that beauty is the gift that nature gives us, but more important is our character and the work we put into it.

I do not want to talk about peace in the world, it’s obvious that people want it.

I want to restore people’s faith in the values that are most important and regulate the order of the world. This is my mission for this year in the crown.

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