POEMA SWIM 4K UNCUT / 2020 Swimwear Collection / Miami Swim Week 2019

POEMA SWIM 4K UNCUT 2020 Swimwear Collection Miami - POEMA SWIM  4K UNCUT / 2020 Swimwear Collection / Miami Swim Week 2019

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You asked for UNCUT swimwear videos, here’s one! This is a bikini swimwear show in 4K, filmed at Miami Swim Week.

Feel free to turn off the sound and enjoy the video without the royalty free music on this video!

Featuring models Stefanie Knight, Kara Del Toro, and Priscilla Huggins

Our team shot this footage for you, it is 100% original footage that we edited, and chose the music to create this exclusive experience for you. We don’t share it with anyone, so you know it is unique. We shoot these shows from a press media riser, so other people might publish their video from the same shows, but our footage is unique: We have the best camera angles, best quality, and our edits are fresh and exciting, truly a different viewing experience from other moda channels. Enjoy this swimwear runway show in DIGTAL 4K!

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About us:
Your media team for this video is: David, Norman, Jake, William, Siobhan and Danny. We are a bunch of tech nerds and proud of it (except for Siobhan who is our fashion stylist and keeps us from misbehaving too much).

Camera and Editing by Norman Ding for SHIFT™ Start Here In Fashion Tv™ SocialNetwork.com and Totally Cool® fashion news networks.

SHIFT and Start Here In Fashion Tv are trademarks of SocialNetwork.com, Inc.


Wild Moon by Tomer Ben Ari

All music is licensed by SocialNetwork.com, Inc. for use in this video. Proof of license is available upon request by copyright holder.

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  1. October 18, 2019

    Oh hot dammmmmm!!!!!

  2. October 18, 2019


  3. 好喜欢

  4. SHIFT… It came out of Nowhere to Deliver Quality …NICE! Ladies, Ladies… It's Catwalk time!

  5. TEA TIME 😁

  6. October 18, 2019

    Kara Del Toro 0:00 7:18 15:23
    Priscilla Huggins 0:43 6:05 11:17
    Stefanie Knight 7:39 13:38
    Also, does anyone else find the inclusion of kids to be really weird and creepy as fuck?

  7. October 18, 2019

    Anyone know the model name @ 3.30

  8. October 18, 2019

    Damn, so many bangin hips and booties here! Stephanie knight at 13:41 looking 👌as usual! One of the best catwalks I've seen in a while.😎

  9. 11:33 … LMAO!!

  10. October 18, 2019

    Excellent video. Uncut is way better

  11. October 19, 2019

    great again!

  12. October 19, 2019

    Please next upload oh polly swim 🙏

  13. October 19, 2019


  14. amazing

  15. October 20, 2019

    Name please. Model @ 8:38

  16. October 20, 2019

    SHIFT is amazing….who's the model @0:50….my goodness, shes breathtaking….my fav here…..👍👍👍👍👍

  17. October 20, 2019

    @SHIFT, include names/IG's of models?

  18. October 21, 2019

    Nilesat please

  19. October 21, 2019

    I have a dream everyday of waking up as sexy girl in lingerie, but I was born as a boy, sad

  20. October 21, 2019

    14:03 anyone knows her name?

  21. Супер!

  22. October 22, 2019

    This would be fantastic if there weren't kids in the show…

  23. October 22, 2019

    Who’s the girl at 2:40?

  24. ok You, the best

  25. October 23, 2019

    THANK YOU SHIFT! Poema in 4k… what a day what a day.

  26. October 27, 2019

    vu may e nay ma bop chac may nagy ko chan

  27. October 31, 2019

    I prefer barefoot models-

  28. November 3, 2019

    07:20 and 07:40 are definitely the 2 hottest models, and 11:40 is a close 3rd in my view.

  29. 9:28 name plz? Anyone!

  30. November 6, 2019

    Tall gorgeous brunette model at the 6-minute Mark walking down come here honey!!!!!!!

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