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The Miss PowerWoman in Bikini – TV Cover Shoot gone viral

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The temperatures may be dropping in many parts of the world, but things got hot in the Caribbean when the Miss PowerWoman Contestants brought their bikinis to the Catalonia Bavaro Beach Resort for a photo shoot. The group may be focused on sandy beachwear for the TV Programs Cover, but they’ll soon turn their attention to the competition since the anticipated final night is approaching soon.

Miss PowerWoman
Miss PowerWoman

A GROUP of girls modeling in bikinis on the beach might not seem too out of the ordinary, but take a closer look, and you may notice something very unusual which has been puzzling the internet and is going viral on social media.

Miss PowerWoman
Miss PowerWoman

That’s right… unlike anything ever seen on a photo-shoot, one of the contestant from the USA, (Megan Lally Miss Massachussets) unexpectedly jumped mid-air landing flat face on the ground, leaving some of the other contestants with a face expression that reads. Well, this is embarrassing…

DSC 0022 - The Miss PowerWoman in Bikini - TV Cover Shoot gone viral

The contestant (Megan Lally Miss Massachussets) was later interviewed about her actions by the producers of the TV show; where she answered, that diving in to the sand was a liberating moment for her, she then further explained that landing on the warm sand felt like connecting with mother earth and that all her shyness instantly vanished.

DSC 0026 - The Miss PowerWoman in Bikini - TV Cover Shoot gone viral

She then got up on her knees and launched two hand full of sand in to the air, making this a hit photo cover for the reality TV program. Her explanation about this, was that trowing the sand represented a release of energy she shared with the other contestants and with all women around the world, with her hope, that they can all feel the same liberation; her message “be your true selves” find your unique voice, find the PowerWoman in you and let it shine, no matter what others might think or say.

DSC 0027 - The Miss PowerWoman in Bikini - TV Cover Shoot gone viral

In this last photo she and all the other contestants flex their muscles which has become the official PowerWomen Symbol.

Is this; Crazy, staged for reality TV, is this a contestant seeking for the spotlight – or is this genius? The CEO Liinda Grandia and executive producers responded that this contestant scored among the highest from the IQ test earlier that day so nothing crazy going on. In addition, there is a story where the contestant from Namibia lost her Sash and Mobile Phone, and Megan Lally Miss Massachussets, was the one searching the resort, lobby and other areas extending her support. Producers are convinced that Megan Lally is genuine and we are seeing her true personality, it happens to be interesting, colorful and great reality TV content, as she deliver a powerful message while entertaining.

There are many interesting stories in this group, Says CEO Liinda Grandia, this is a multicultural group of women, they are very diverse and colorful, many intriguing personalities, we are expecting to see much more as they continue to discover the true PowerWoman in them and the common denominator they all share; however, this is a competition, we will also find who among them is, the most PowerWoman of the group.

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